For centuries, natural wood has been used to create a perfect combination of beauty and durability. Each piece of wood is truly unique and naturally becomes the best choice for a sophisticated and individual look. And each species has it own distinct personality and feel. As to pure aesthetics, one will not find another material matching the charm of wood. Various artificial composite material are out there trying to mimic it, but none have been able to capture the warm texture and beautiful depth of the real thing.

Wood is also a practical choice. It is known for superb insulation qualities. When properly finished and maintained, wood is exceptionally durable and resistant to time and elements. Moreover, wood is a naturally renewable resource.

We offer some of the world finest tropical wood species, just to name a few:

  • TEAK






At GOLDEN AERO, all stile and rail components have been engineered for durability and stability. The finger-jointed and edge-glued core construction creates a system that is more stable than whole piece of solid wood.

To enhance stability even further, the core of our Nyatoh doors contain the same solid Nyatoh species. For our engineered banded stiles and rails, each stile features a solid Nyatoh edge band. The engineered stiles and rails are much stronger than single solid wood pieces by reducing the possibility of the door warping, splitting, twisting, shrinking or expanding.

In our finished series, the panel is completely prefinished and sealed on all six sides before being installed, and as the panel are free to float between fixed edges, there is no unfinished part of the panel that may show up with time. There are no nails that hold panels in place.

Where design permits, we apply large decorative raised mouldings on both sides. We use only premium kiln-dried (12%+/-2%) grade wood components. From a design perspective, all engineered part are hand matched to ensure consistent appearance and performance.


We insist on providing you with the truly finished product, which is stained immediately following your door completion at the factory. Despite manufacturers’ stringent requirement, all builders will agree that it is next to impossible to immediately finish the door system upon installation. In addition, there is no sure knowledge of transportation and storage condition of your doors prior to delivery. All these factors will negatively affect ultimate durability of your doors. Therefore, we only sell finished doors and strongly recommend the product, which is stained immediately following your doors completion at the factory.

Our finishing process is among the most advanced in the industry. All our doors are finished with the advance exterior finish system which has been extensively researched and proven to guard the natural beauty of premier good. All premium finish applications take place in a dust free, controlled environment. The following deep staining steps create our unique look and rich furniture-like effect:

  1. Sanding raw wood door with 240-grit to clean off any contaminants.
  2. Detail sanding of all profiles with 240-grit.
  3. Application of penetrating stain by hand.
  4. Application of wood filler/sealer to smooth our hand seal grain.
  5. Soft sanding after wood filler/sealer dries out.
  6. Application of prime coating.
  7. Fine sanding with 320-grit.
  8. Application of first catalyzed AC/UV/PU inhibited topcoat.
  9. Second fine sanding with 320-grit.
  10. Application of second topcoat.
  11. Third fine sanding with 320-grit.
  12. Application of third topcoat.
  13. Final touch up of details and profiles.

Our Merpauh doors may be ordered distressed. The distressing is all done by hand and provides that special antique appearance. Distressed feel may be performed in a variety of colours and the results are truly stunning. The distressing process is a characterized by the worm holes, surface scratches and dents over the face of the doors and typically also maintain touch of distress, and overall finish sometimes reflects more open grain.

Please find our standard finish colour and species. Please note that these photos offer an indication of the final appearance but due to natural variations in texture, grain and colour of raw wood, the actual results may vary. As to the size and various monitor specifications, the colour are only a limited electronic representation of the actual stain. Please keep in mind that some wood species are more sensitive, and darken significantly with age and intensity of exposure to light. Note that not every door is available in all finishes or species presented.


The wide variety of entry system presented on this site matches most standard rough openings. We normally make two standard door heights of 6’8” and 8’. Our highest system contains slabs of 9’. Our standard design reflects door thickness of 38mm. We accommodate the single slab width of up to 42”.


We appreciate and welcome your door ideas. For customers who cannot find the doors they are looking for on this site, we encourage providing us with a sketch or other form of design concept, and our consultants will be happy to discuss and quote your own unique doors. Please note that lead time on mist custom doors is about 8 weeks.