Limited Warranty


THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL, OR IMPLIED.Golden Aero Wooden Group of Companies warrants all wood doors for a period of ONE year from the date of shipment or delivery to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects at the time of shipment that would render them unfit for the purpose for which each door is recommended under normal conditions, provided the doors are finished properly and installed property. This limited warranty is extended only to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER, beginning on the date of purchase and extending for warranty period. Before leaving the facility, your door has been inspected for any defects in materials and workmanship and is packaged to protect the door in transit. NOTE : all units must be inspected upon receipt by end customer, as damages claims are void upon product receipt and execution of delivery acceptance or “ Free of Damages” caption. The purchaser is assumed to be ultimately familiar with applicable local building codes and regulations prior to ordering.

Should be warranted door be found to contain defects, Golden Aero Group of Companies will at its option either (1) repair any door without charge, (2) replace any door without charge, or (3) refund the price received for the door. In the event of a defect discovered after inspection of door from Golden Aero, written notice must be given within 48 hours of receiving of the shipment and before the door is hung, installed or treated in any manner. If the door was damaged by common carrier in transit, then the recipient must submit a claim against said common carrier unless other given other instruction by Golden Aero. NO LABOR, INSTALLATION OR REINSTALLATION, FINISHING OR REFINISHING EXPENSES IS COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY. Golden Aero reserves the right to inspect any product, which is alleged to be defective. Sole warranty responsibility is stated herein and Golden Aero under any circumstances shall not be liable for special, consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, or for any amount in excess of the price paid for the specific doors involved. Except as stated herein, Golden Aero makes no other warranty, express or implied, with respect to the door subject of this warranty. Under no circumstances the amount of warranty coverage, if any, shall be in excess of the amount received by Golden Aero for the doors subject matter of the warranty claim.

This warranty sets forth our maximum liability for our products. Your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any and all losses or damages resulting from any cause whatsoever shall be as specified above. We make no other warranty or guarantee, either express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the original purchaser or to any subsequent user of the product, except as expressly contained herein. In the event state state law precludes exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, the duration of any such warranties shall be no longer than, and the time and manner of presenting any claim thereon shall be the same as, that provided in the express warranty stated herein.

Do not hang or finish a defective door, if you plan to return it. The following are the limitations not to be considered defects and not covered by this limited warranty:

  1. Because all doors are natural wood, some discoloration and natural grain textures are considered acceptable.
  2. Warp is any distortion in the door itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term warp shall include bow, cup, and twist. In measuring the amount of warp present in a door, the following method must be used. Bow, cup and twist are measured by placing a straight edge, taunt wire, or string on the suspected concave face of the door at any angle (i.e, horizontally, vertically and diagonally) the measurement of bow, cup, and twist is made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge, taunt wire or string and the face of the door. Warp shall not be considered a defect for a 6’8” door unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the door. Warp shall not be considered a defect for an 8’0” door unless it exceed 3/8” in the plane of the door. No doors taller than 8’ or slabs wider than 42” shall be warranted. Action on any claimed warpage may be deferred at the option of Golden Aero for period of up to 12 months since it is not uncommon for a temporary warp condition to occur as the door adjusts to local climate.
  3. Panel shrinkage.
  4. Trimming of door more than a ½” in the width from either side of the door and 1” on the height (top or bottom) of the door.
  5. Doors which are improperly installed, hung or do not swing freely. We strongly recommend that the doors are installed by interior trim contractor.
  6. Exterior doors not protected by adequate overhang. The door must be protected with an overhang that projects outward at the minimum of one half of its height. Example, if the height of overhang is 10 feet, projection of overhang must be a minimum of 5 feet. If you have a western or eastern exposure, you may still receive direct sunlight on the doors. In such cases, the required overhang projection is 2/3rds of its height, if the height of overhang is 12 feet, projection of overhang must be minimum of 8 feets.
  7. Wide panel warning: in the event that your doors contains wood panels wider than 13-1/2’ measured across the grain, such door will not be covered by this Golden Aero Limited Warranty if it receives any direct sunlight.
  8. Exposed to extreme weather conditions including but not limited to the following: Installation of door in prolonged direct sunlight as typically occur in east and west exposures.
  9. Damage resulting from any cause beyond the control of Golden Aero including but not limited to, damage caused by normal wear and tear of doors or its components, improper storage, installation or maintenance, elements penetration resulting from caulking or installation, misuse, abuse, accident, mishandling, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado, or any other act of nature (See handling and maintenance for more information)
  10. Golden Aero specifically disclaims and voids the warranty in the event of customer’s pick up at our facility in NibongTebal, Penang, Malaysia and carrying the doors away in any manner inconsistent with or contradictory to our personnel’s recommendations, eg, without limitations, not properly positioned or unsecured.
  11. Any door that has not been sealed and finished in substantially the same manner on all six sides of the door. Bore holes, mortise pockets, and any other trimming of the door must be sealed and finished for this warranty to take effect.
  12. Except for those doors of the original design, any additional component or hardware built into the door is not warranted in any maner.
  13. Damage caused by installation of any storm door or combination door, which causes damaging heat buildup. Damage caused by heat buildup and inadequate conditions as a result of covering doors, among other materials, in plastic or insulation materials blocking air circulation and creating other negative effects. Wood doors are very sensitive to extreme climatic conditions and we specifically advise against covering the doors in plastic during construction process, and provide adequate air circulation at all times.
  14. For Nyatoh and Merpauh Doors, mineral lines and sound knots are acceptable when evenly spread throughout the door.
  15. For unfinished doors, any and all problems related to improper finishing of all surfaces and panel edges, variation in texture due to finishing, or finishing the door with high gloss of dark colours or use of polyurethane.
  16. For unfinished doors, failure to fully seal and finish all six sides, including the back of hinges, with oil base, and NOT water based, sealer or paint within 72 hours of receiving the door.
  17. Natural characteristic of unfinished wood movement are not warranted: wood doors are susceptible to expansion and contraction partially caused by temperature and humidity variations. Small surface checking or slight shrinking , which may cause tiny cracks at the joints, may occur under these conditions.
  18. Damage or misuse caused by third parties, including but not limited to attempted repair by parties other than authorized personnel of Golden Aero or any causes beyond the control of Golden Aero.