Shipping & Delivery

We deliver to Penang area only with our own trucks. Depending on the size and quantity of the purchased doors, our reasonable delivery fees start at ZERO COST.

The following important restrictions and limitations apply:

  • Our truck will not back into the lot.
  • Our driver will need assistance in unloading the doors from truck.
  • Our driver will not assist with carrying the doors once the doors are off the truck.
  • Customer must have a crew on site to unload the doors. We recommend a crew of at least four and preferably six people: the doors are very heavy.
  • Customer must have an authorized agent on site to inspect the doors and execute delivery acknowledgement.
  • Customer shall be advised of a four-hour morning.
  • (9a.m.-1p.m.) or afternoon (1p.m.- 5p.m.) delivery time period.

  • Our driver exercises discretionary latitude of service, which may include the refusal of delivery.
  • If any of the above items are not complied with by the customer (e.g. no crew on site to unload), our driver will not wait longer than 15 minutes to start unloading, and any subsequent delivery charges shall be additional.